About the Art

Local artist Ryan L Arthur makes custom art for homemakers and business owners. From large scale drawings and paintings, to more intimate works on a smaller scale.

 “My goal,” says RL “is to make Art more accessible on an individual level. Art is a personal experience being explored through others." 

 By means of observation or photography, RL uses the client and their personal surroundings to capture the ordinary or the unusual, translating that into an original and exceptional work of art.
 “It’s really a lot like portraiture” notes the artist. “Just on a deeper scale and more than contemporary. It can get pretty abstract, but that depends on the client and how they reflect in my development and variety of style. Its really quite amazing.I really enjoy art and making it. I think creativity is over-rated and a genuine artist can still be completely absent from the contemporary orchestration of (high-art) being in gallery forms, exhibitions, etc... My artwork is likened to formalist or structuralism in art, often times focused on pop and surrealist aesthetics. I believe the creative perspective and one's viewpoint of ART and what ART is; makes us more human and real, than the unreal. Art is a personal experience that is explored through others. I love art."

Ryan graduated with his BFA from the Memphis College of Art in 2008, and continues to practice in his small studio in Lenexa, Ks.
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Ryan L Arthur