Artist Bio

I was born into a humble beginning, growing up in a small town in Iowa. Often the windows to our classroom sessions provided more company than the lectures of my educators. This would only fuel my desire for nature and the mind of creative works, with daydreams and a curiosity that many artists find themselves wrapped into their thoughts. Shy and socially inept, I would often make myself as an observer of life, fascinated with its constant movement and growth.

Later in my teenage years my mother remarried and we moved south to a large city. City life was often times intimidating, but it nurtured my outlandish adolescence into expressing myself through drawing. Pen and Ink was my first love, and my Art teachers immediately recognized potential. Unfortunately as a teenager I felt the education system failed me, I quit school and was a self-taught artist for close to 7 years.

The birth of the internet would become a nesting ground that ignited my craving for more elaborate art, a greater defining art or just far above the cleverness of my earlier pieces. I soon enrolled myself into a highly esteemed junior college and plunged into drawing, painting, metalsmithing, sculpting and computer arts.  After accepting a large scholarship that finacially enabled me to pursue a degree, I moved Memphis, TN and in 2008 recieved my BFA in Fine Arts/Painting. When graduation was complete, I returned to Kansas City, then reuniting with a childhood friend who later became my inspiring wife.

I continue developing my practice of fine art, working on a variety of ideas in my small studio.