Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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Acrylics on Canvas

Friday, September 12, 2014

From the Archive/ What is Style?

 Some of my sketchbook work I was revisiting the other day. Some of the color combinations were originally done for the purpose of a light projector- I don't know how to define style. People ask me "oh you make art. What style??" In the last few years I've generally expanded my understanding of the materials- oils\acrylics and polymers- but in the interest of style. Style is expected to speak volumes of Story,Emotions, Lifestyle.....there's almost no way to simplify stylistic aspects unless I go minimal....also I have a range of technical abilities I struggle through-Some days are just better than others yet I get "amateured" or "lacking skill"...... abstract or representational....I like to work in both . Fighting the kitsch of my artistic craft in a digital culture - for me its like giving a parent-less child a machete and a gun, then force him to make bread with it. A bit absurd, war-bound, dependency issues and borderline innocence, graffitiesque   ....this is what style makes, when style is the power of our visual culture- Style is the aesthetic democracy of purchasing power in the art market. Style is the controlling feature of only one aspect of human nature- Self-Control......there is so much more to work with, we are so much more than that.....Style does not define the art....it would be an impossible feat. Why does the art market lie to us, why are we absorbed in this singularity? What lie did we begin to believe in our culture? Was it the lure of Convenience; Popularity;Money;Technology? Should our visual responses be tied to these paths? I do believe art should say something- a reason, a story, a statement. Art is the infallible proof of our ideas. As an artist I am dealing with an unending-eternal-never ceasing complexity of creative processes- allow me this. Stop forcing style. Its a false projection of organized imagination when dealing with an eternity
of creation. Style at its best is an equation of tools. A family recipe that nobody takes credit for and cannot possibly finish, and hard to know where to begin and with what.....

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kim&Izzi enjoying the new work...

Our morning plans were cut short, so I m blogging while I wait.......

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